Dr. RB Navarro on aging and inflammation

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Dr, Robin B.Navarro, a biocellular medicine specialist,  also studied soil, animal, and human nutrition

 He gave the following information on inflammation, aging, the nutrients/foods to prevent it and to help cure the problems,  from an interview by Don Manolo Favis at DZBB aired last Monday at 11:00 p.m.

 ·        Chronic inflammation can lead to aging, Alzheimer, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and cancer

·        Rice if unpolished contains the complete nutrients, will be converted into energy. If white or polished, it will be stored as fat.

·        If blood sugar is raised, it will release insulin and will eventually cause insulin resistance and promote inflammation.

·        Insulin can induce oxidation damage.

·        Oxidation causes an excess or shortage of electron in the cells, and create inflammation.

·        Control insulin by cutting down on carbo.

·        Pyramid diet – 60% carbo, 20% protein and 20% fat.. This will contribute to higher insulin level. The right proportion should be 20% carbo, 40% fat,  and 40% protein.

·        The following prevents inflammation:  Vit C, Vit A(from plants that contain colors red, green) & Vit E, Alpha linoleic acid , Co Q10

·        Cysteine amino acid  and glutathione are powerful anti oxidants which you can get from  egg yolk and whey milk. It contributes to form glutathione, another powerful antioxidant, called the master antioxidant. It can remove toxic metals like mercury, cadmium, arsenic coming from crabs, shrimps, hito (catfish), tulingan, tambakol, tanigue. Scales protect the fish from the metals of the sea.

·        Lecithin –lipid lowering agent alleviates manic depression.

    It  contains fatty acid. It removes clogs in the blood vessel.

    Improves cognitive function esp for elderly and depressed people

·        Blood vessel damage can be caused by weak blood vessels, virus, and oxidation. If the blood vessels crack, the body’s natural healing substance steps to correct the damage.

·        Cholesterol will repair the damaged walls. Cholesterol acts as a membrane, gives firmness to the cell. Cell membrane is surrounded by cholesterol. If cholesterol drops, cell membrane becomes leaky, infection will come in. Cholesterol is a membrane stabilizer

·        Cholesterol is needed for serotonin production, the body’s “feel good feeling”. If you lack it, bad mood will ensue.

·        Fats are not inflammatory.

·        Babies need cholesterol,   for the development of the brain of children up to five years old.

·        Hyperactivity, autism in children is caused by lack of full cream milk..

·        Egg yolk and whey milk are needed for the proper development of brain, nerves, and the intestine.

(Grandchildren of Dr. Navarro are all accelerated. A two-year old grandchild can open a computer,  They are given egg yolk and whey milk)

·        Low serum cholesterol increased suicides because of brain damage.and people become violent.

·        American doctors have the highest suicidal rate equivalent to a graduate school.

·        Choline, cysteine amino acid, methionine  found in eggs are good anti aging.

·        If a person is sick, he has to eat six to 10 eggs plus beef liver a day.

·        Choline, a brain nutrient,  removes excess triglyceride. It detoxifies the liver thru its detoxifying agent glutathione.

·        If there is no choline, fats will stay in the liver.

·        Choline is an important component of acethylcholine which lowers heart rate, prevents arrhythmia. 

·        Exercise in the morning upon waking up, before breakfast, to

          release growth hormone which helps in anti aging.

·        Beer  has  foaming agent that contains cobalt which could weaken the heart and can induce myocardiopathy.

Since I followed Dr. Navarro's advice, my blood pressure is now at 130/90.

     Before, it ranged from a systolic of 150-180 and a diastolic of 100-120. Now I am free of hypertensive chemical medicine. Thanks to God and Dr. Navarro.


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